Meet Attorney Terry Frederick

Candid Criminal Defense Advice | Strong Representation

Clients can always expect a few things from the representation I provide at Frederick Law Office in Madison, Wisconsin:

  • Experience: Your attorney must first have the knowledge and the skills necessary to help you navigate the process and present a good defense. Over the past decade, I have defended many people against DUI/OWI and other misdemeanor or felony crimes. In the courtroom, I am respected as a formidable trial attorney.
  • Candid advice: I explain everything in plain language. This includes a genuine assessment of your case. I talk to you about the reality of your situation and the options you have available, and help you understand the benefits and consequences of each. I do not use scare tactics nor do I give you false hope.
  • Strong representation: Aggressiveness isn't always the tactic that produces the best results in any given case. I'll carefully and intelligently analyze your case to identify the issues that are likely to produce the best results. I take the time to gather any piece of evidence that could prove vital to your case, scrutinize it and then use it to tell your story. I then pursue your interests with fervor.

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You'll Never Go Days Waiting For A Response | Free Initial Consultations

One of the biggest complaints I hear from potential clients is that they worked with another lawyer who left them feeling like a case to be solved not a person whose life will be affected by the outcome.

When you become my client, I genuinely care about finding the best outcome possible. I not only put in the time necessary to build your case, but also make sure you feel like I have your back. I keep in touch with you throughout my representation. You'll never find it necessary to call me repeatedly without getting a response. Returning client calls is one of my top daily priorities.

Contact me directly at 608-258-8529 or send me an email. We'll schedule a free initial consultation to talk about your case.

Terry Frederick