College Students Make Mistakes

Don't Let A Criminal Charge Derail Your Plans For The Future

Madison is a college town. Whether you are attending undergraduate or professional school, earning a degree takes a lot of time, money and effort. A single criminal conviction has the potential to alter the plans you made for your future. It is easy to think that you can handle the charges on your own or let a public defender handle your case. Contact Frederick Law Office first at 608-258-8529, and you can talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney without any obligation in a free initial consultation.

Are you the parent? I advise and represent students as if they were my own children. Even though the student is my client, I will keep you apprised of the status of your child's case wherever possible.

At Frederick Law Office, I help you protect your investment by tenaciously defending you against criminal charges. My goal is to help look for ways to keep a conviction off your record when possible or keep the potential consequences at a minimum. I can represent you in cases involving a wide range of municipal, misdemeanor or felony offenses such as:

I Can Represent You In School Administrative Hearings

When you are a student, criminal proceedings are not the only forum where you could face consequences. Administrative proceedings at the college or university can be just as damaging on your career. You could face temporary disciplinary action or even permanent expulsion. I have worked with many school officials, including those at the University of Wisconsin.

Talk To A Lawyer First| Free Initial Consultations

If you are a student who has been charged with a crime or the parent, I encourage you to call me as soon as possible. Do not say anything to the police or deal with school administrators before you have met with me, attorney Terry Frederick.

You can contact me at 608-258-8529 to schedule your free initial consultation. You may also complete a form online and email me your information.