OWI Is Frequently Charged But Easily Mismanaged

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Drunk and drugged driving offenses affect many people throughout southern Wisconsin. The frequency with which they are charged does not mean that you should take the situation lightly. The most obvious reason is that the penalties are very severe. License suspension, dropped insurance coverage and a criminal record can affect your life as much as heavy fines or even jail time could.

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With the potential consequences involved, you should always consider obtaining the advice of a criminal defense attorney. In these types of cases, experience is crucial, because there are many nuances to the law as well as the process that could affect the outcome of your case. Only a few include:

  • Fourth Amendment rights: Did the officer have probable cause to make the stop? Did the officer follow procedure? Were you read your Miranda rights? Evidence obtained through a violation of your rights cannot be used against you.
  • Police reports: These are one-sided stories, susceptible to misinformation and bias. You cannot assume that everything included in a report is fact.
  • Breath and blood tests: Just because a test result shows .08 BAC or above doesn't mean that was your BAC at the time of the stop. Machines can malfunction, and those administering the tests can make errors.
  • Timing: Even timing can be a factor for administrative license hearings, the criminal process and in the interpretation of the evidence.

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